Fundación MMM was founded 15 years ago as Fundación Dorada by employees of MMM Healthcare who saw the opportunity to further the organization’s mission of delivering comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Since then, Fundación MMM has invested more than $1 million to support our friends and neighbors and has contributed to improving the quality of life for thousands of Puerto Rico residents.

Today, we maintain the same passion and commitment of our founders, while embracing a bold, new vision and organizational values to guide our work.

Our Vision

Fundación MMM will be nationally recognized as a trusted philanthropic partner dedicated to transforming the lives of the people in Puerto Rico who need us the most.

Our Values

Lead with Heart.

Our passion for helping those in need will drive this organization and be the motivating force of all we do.

Do the Right Thing.

In all matters, we will do right by those we serve and those who donate to our organization by holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, service and fiduciary responsibility.

Go Where We’re Needed.

When our communities need us, we will answer the call, because we are uniquely capable of the help we provide.

Create a Movement.

We are committed to raising awareness across Puerto Rico for the island’s unique health and wellbeing issues – and the great work being done to address them.

Honor Our Community’s Needs.

We serve as stewards for our community investments and honor the intentions of our donors to meet the needs of our community today and in the future.

Our Services

The needs of those we serve are growing more complex. Today, adults over the age of 65 are more likely to suffer from at least one chronic health condition, and over 40 percent are living in poverty.

We have expanded our scope and breadth of services to provide even more comprehensive support to our community. Today, we provide the following services to elderly and disadvantaged Puerto Rico residents.

Direct Assistance Program: Fundación MMM was founded on the belief that an individual’s environment has a significant impact on their overall health and wellbeing. We continue this legacy by providing direct assistance, including appliances and home repairs, to those in need.

Note: House cleaning and roof repairs related to hurricane Irma or María will be managed and referred to partners organizations dedicated to those services. All other cases will be evaluated by a committee.

Companion Services: Loneliness contributes to depression, and directly impacts quality of life. We’re beginning to work with like-minded community partners and nonprofit organizations to develop programs that promote social interactions and increase companionship among those we serve.

Interested in learning more about our services? Contact us at