Our Partners

We will achieve our goals by building smart partnerships with like-minded organizations.

Strong community partnerships are vital to our mission and vision of becoming a nationally recognized philanthropic partner.

Today, Fundación MMM works in collaboration with the following organizations:

Walmart has been a trusted partner of Fundación MMM for several years. Most recently, Walmart generously supported Fundación MMM through a grant to provide residents of the municipality of las Piedras with basic supplies needed to improve their quality of life. We look forward to continuing our partnership to create lasting changes in the lives of those we serve.

Fundación MMM works closely with Endeavors and Saint Vincent de Paul Disaster Services.  Both organizations provide case management support to families in need, and our complementary services help to support our most vulnerable, elderly Puerto Rico residents.

Through our partnership, we collaborate to evaluate each case and stay in regular contact throughout the process to ensure the needs of those we serve are being met. Fundación MMM also refers out cases related Hurricane Irma & Maria to these trusted partners.

Interested in partnering with Fundación MMM to create lasting changes in the lives of those we serve?

Contact us at info@fundacion-mmm.org